21st May 2018, University of Salerno, Italy
Paola Zuccolotto and Marica Manisera
University of Brescia, Italy

Seminar: Baketball Data Science

Organized by Marialuisa Restaino (University of Brescia)

Link to the seminar

1st October 2018, University of Brescia, Italy
Gerhard Tutz
Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich, Germany

Seminar: Explaining Success in Sports Competitions: Paired Comparison Methods with Explanatory Variables

Organized by Paola Zuccolotto and Marica Manisera (University of Brescia)


22th May 2018, University “Cattolica del Sacro Cuore”, Italy
Leonardo Egidi (with Francesco Pauli and Nicola Torelli)
DEAMS, University of Trieste, Italy

Seminar: Are shots predictive for the soccer results?

Link to the seminar

13th April 2018, Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria
Marica Manisera and Paola Zuccolotto
BODaI-Lab – University of Brescia

Seminar: Basketball Data Science

Organized by Thomas Rusch (WU Vienna)

See WU’s website

9th April 2018, University of Naples Federico II, Italy
Hans Van Eetvelde
Ghent University, Belgium

Teaching seminar: Statistical modelling of football. How to use statistical distributions to model football match outcomes

Organized by Maria Iannario and Rosaria Simone (University of Naples Federico II)

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1st December 2017, University of Turin, Italy

With our team members Luca Malfatti and Gianluca Rosso from quant4sports

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Newspaper article Newspaper article Newspaper article

16th – 17th November 2017, University of Brescia, Italy

Organized by Marica Manisera and Paola Zuccolotto

Invited speakers:
– C. Ley, Universiteit Gent, Belgium
– A. Groll, LMU München, Germany
– R.S. Kenett, KPA Ltd., Israel
– S. BianconciniA. LubiscoS. MignaniA. Macaluso, University of Bologna, Italy
– F. Lisi, University of Padova, Italy
– M. IannarioR. Simone, University of Napoli Federico II, Italy

Programme and Abstracts Download slides Photogallery

9th May 2017, University of Turin, Italy
Christophe Ley
Ghent University, Belgium

Seminar: An alternative ranking for national soccer teams based on strength parameters

Organized by Elvira di Nardo (University of Turin)

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24th April 2017, Ghent University, Belgium
Marica Manisera and Paola Zuccolotto
BODaI-Lab – University of Brescia

Seminar: Data mining, big data visualization, data integration: modern approaches to basketball analytics

Organized by Christophe Ley (Ghent University)

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15th March 2017, University of Brescia, Italy
Rodolfo Metulini
BODaI-Lab – University of Brescia

Seminar: Sensor Analytics in basketball: analyzing spatio-temporal movements of players around the court

Organized by Paola Zuccolotto and Marica Manisera (University of Brescia) and Tullio Facchinetti (Robotics Laboratory, University of Pavia), in collaboration with MYagonism

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15th December 2016, University of Brescia, Italy
Patrick Mair
Harvard University

Seminar: Scraping Data from the Web

Download slides and R codes

18th May 2015, University of Brescia, Italy
Ron Kenett
KPA Ltd., Raanana, Israel
University of Turin, Italy
Center for Risk Engineering, NYU Poly, New York, USA

Seminar: On Bayesian networks and information quality (InfoQ)

Download abstract and slides