Data and Software

The BODaI-Lab repository has been developed with the explicit aim of providing the widest possible audience to the data and software issued by the BODaI-Lab.

Data and software are available only for scientific, educational, social and non-profit-making purposes. Commercial use is explicitly excluded.

Data and software are provided with the explicit reference to the source, if outside the BODaI-Lab’s area of responsibility, and the BODaI-Lab makes no warranties regarding accuracy or completeness of the information provided by external sources. Codes and software are freely released in beta version by the BODaI-Lab without any responsibility. Anyone using data and software released by the BODaI-Lab must acknowledge the “Big Data Analytics in Sports” project (see “how to cite” at the bottom of this page) and immediately inform us via e-mail.

No portion of the information provided by the BODaI-LAb may be redistributed without explicit request to the BODaI-Lab.


Exportable stats platform, powered by renowned NBAstuffer, a reference website that provides tools for analysts since 2007.

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Python scraper for European basketball data in the BigDataBall format

By Francesco Olivo.

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R code, data and color figures for the paper

Carpita M., Sandri M., Simonetto A., Zuccolotto P. (2014)Football Mining with R, Data Mining Applications with R (Yanchang Z., Yonghua C. eds.), chapter 14, Elsevier.