Paola Zuccolotto Marica Manisera


The team is divided into 5 sections according to the type of competence with which they participate in the project (Data Science, Sport Psychology, Technical Experts & Coaching, Sports Analytics Services & Data Management, Sport Management, Marketing and Finance).

The DATA SCIENCE section is mainly composed of professors and researchers in mathematical-statistical subjects, coming from Italian and foreign universities and is concerned with the knowledge and implementation of quantitative tools in the field of statistical models, multivariate analysis, data mining, artificial intelligence algorithms and machine learning, with particular – but not exclusive – reference to the analysis of big data. Consistently with the originally academic nature of the research project, this section is the most participated and deals mainly with scientific research, but with a strong look at the practical application of the statistical methods and models that are developed. The international inspiration of the project is clearly visible in this section, where the countries represented are today, along with Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Russia and the United States, with a member from the prestigious university of Harvard.

The SPORT PSYCHOLOGY section is devoted to scientific research and application in the specific field of psychometrics for sports.

The TECHNICAL EXPERTS & COACHING section is designed to welcome experts working in the sports world, contributing to the development of research, sharing ideas and the ability to interpret results deriving from the technical knowledge of the application environment.

SPORTS ANALYTICS SERVICES & DATA MANAGEMENT includes professionals in the field of data collection and sports analytics, providing services aimed at these purposes to those who work in the world of sport, and collaborate with other members of the team soliciting new issues of research, sharing valuable data for model validation and implementation on user-friendly supports and standardization of the statistical models developed.

Finally, SPORT MANAGEMENT, MARKETING AND FINANCE is the section dedicated to those who deal with the business / management side (market analysis, management strategies, financial assessments), with a quantitative approach.