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2021, 21st – 22nd June

This short course, organised by the Special Interest Group on Sports Statistics of the International Statistical Institute, offers instructor-led and hands-on training in basketball analytics for students, young statisticians, and sports professionals. It provides the understanding of the concepts of basketball data science, by covering basic statistics tools and advanced methods of data analysis, as discussed in the book “Basketball Data Science – with Applications in R” by P. Zuccolotto and M. Manisera (2020) and using the R package BasketballAnalyzeR. Real examples from NBA data are shown and small exercises are assigned to students.



The course is concerned with the description and discussion of some statistical tools useful to analyse basketball data, in order to make a valid support for technical experts in the field. Through the use of real cases and applications, the course aims at providing operational and practical guidance to data analysis useful to support decisions of technical experts.

In particular, the learners will gain the following skills:

– Knowledge and understanding: learners will acquire the methodological and applied knowledge about the basic statistical concepts of basketball data analysis and will be able to apply such knowledge by means of appropriate software.

– Applying knowledge and understanding: learners will be able to use some of the main exploratory methods of data analysis in order to analyse real basketball data.

– Making judgements: learners will be able to analyse and interpret basketball data and organize results in order to draw conclusions and support basketball technical decisions.

– Communication skills: learners will be able to communicate, to experts and non-experts, data information with the help of outputs from specific software of data analysis and visualization.

– Learning skills: learners will learn how to use the R package to answer research and practical questions about basketball analytics. This can be a starting point to face subsequent research investigations.


Teachers: Marica Manisera and Paola Zuccolotto (University of Brescia)

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First Edition: 2018, 21st – 22nd May and 10th – 11th September

Course for basketball coaches (CNA qualification required) coordinated by Prof. Raffaele Imbrogno

Teachers: Paola Zuccolotto e Marica Manisera (Università di Brescia), Dario dalla Vedova (Scienza dello Sport CONI), Paolo Raineri (CEO MYagonism), Giuseppe di Paolo (Reggio Emilia), Mario Fioretti (Olimpia Milano), Stefano Vanoncini (Poderosa Montegranaro), Alessandro Magro (Leonessa Brescia), Guido Corti (StatBasket).

Supplementary material and services available in the password protected page (reserved for the participants to the course)

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