Sports Analytics Services & Data Management

Experts in statistics and data science for sports data

Tommaso Del Prete

AIASP (“Associazione Italiana Addetti Statistiche Pallacanestro”), Italy

Guido Corti
President of AIASP, FIBA Certified Statistician

Kama.Sport, Italy

Davide Ragazzi
Chief Executive Officer
Nicola Bosio
Chief Tecnology Officer
Felice Antonio Martire
Head of Statistics
Marco Gusmini
Head of Software Development
Michele Pedrazzoli
Head of Data Science

Math&Sport, Italy

Ottavio Crivaro
Chief Executive Officer
Gilberto Pastorella
Growth and Product Manager
Stefano Ferrè
Marketing and Sales Manager

Quant4Sport, Italy

Gianluca Rosso
Luca Malfatti