Data Science for Brescia – Arts and Cultural Places

Partners of the project

DMS StatLab has as its primary objectives the scientific research in the statistical field, with the aim of measuring and evaluating the quality of products and services, for descriptive and forecasting purposes. The attention is devoted to the methodological aspects and applications are mainly developed in the economic, corporate and social area. DMS StatLab participates to DS4BS with the project MuB.

COMUNE DI BRESCIA – Unità di Staff Statistica

The service performs the functions provided by Legislative Decree 322/1989, section I “National Statistical System” and by directive no. 1/1991 of the Committee for the direction and coordination of statistical information. In particular, it is concerned with the production of statistics, carries out the consistency check, validation and data analysis for statistical purposes, implements the internal statistical coordination and the manages the relationships with SISTAN, prepares the municipal statistical program and links it with the national one. It disseminates statistical information, statistical research and technical-operational consultancy to the municipal offices.

Fondazione Brescia Musei represents the innovative public-private partnership that had enabled the opening of Santa Giulia Museum, and has empowered Brescia’s progressive development as an artistic centre with a varied cultural programme. Today it runs a fascinating, multifaceted museum network, made up of the Santa Giulia Museum and Brixia. Roman Brescia’s Archaeological Area – both inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List –  the Tosio Martinengo Gallery, Brescia Castle, Luigi Marzoli Arms Museum and the Nuovo Eden film projection and multimedia centre.