Our goal is to enable researchers, students, PA and industry to collaborate and run new data-driven applications and projects focused on the research topics of the laboratory.
Current research projects developed within or in collaboration with the BODaI Lab are listed below.

If you are interested in collaborating with BODaI Lab, please contact us.

The research activity of the laboratory is focused on the following themes:

- Design of advanced methods and tools for information sharing and cooperation within contexts featured by a large information background (big&open data)

- Definition of advanced models and methods for knowledge representation, ontology-based semantic processing, reasoning under uncertainty and incompleteness conditions, logic inference, planning, automatic reasoning and, in general, efficient processing focused on problem solving

- Development of mathematical and statistical models for data analytics, of methods and tools for statistical analysis, data mining, knowledge discovery and machine learning, data analysis and evaluation, advanced simulation and optimisation

- Definition of a software infrastructure, based on Semantic Web and Social Web technologies, including Linked Data techniques (http://lod-cloud.net) and social networking, to classify and cluster big&open data from heterogeneous sources, based on their semantics